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    Kids Snacks Made Affordable at FreshCo

    Brought to you by FreshCo and TheCo. If you are a mom with young kids like myself, I’m sure you’ve noticed their ferocious appetites where they can eat just about anything in sight, right?! This isn’t the first time I’ve talked about my kids snacking habits and honestly, it probably won’t be the last. Even when shopping in bulk, I find that I simply cannot keep up with the snack-attacks that happen all throughout the day (times three kids!). So…

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  • Food facts
    Food / Food Facts

    Teaching Your Kids the Facts about Food Nutrition

    We live in a world that is now bombarded with all kinds of health and nutrition information. “Try this new super food!” “Get slim with this shake!”  “Low carb diet No carb diet! All carb diet!” It can honestly be SO…

  • healthy oatmeal
    Breakfast / Food

    Quick & Healthy Oatmeal

    As I’ve been on my healthy journey for 2016, I’m wanting to share with you various meals and snacks that I am enjoying. Just because I am trying to lose weight, doesn’t mean I have to eat only rabbit…