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    DIY Balloon Tassels

    Ok. So I know that I’m about a year late to the party, but that’s what happens when you’re in the middle of moving and having your 3rd baby! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then great! You will hopefully love this tutorial! And if you do know what I mean, you’ve probably already pinned a similar image from a few others tutorials out there! 

    20151110-ATCLaunch-124But alas, I’ve been wanting to have a reason to get a 36 inch jumbo balloon with a coordinating tassel and my launch party seemed like the party place to do it! These balloons are HUGE! When dressed up with some tassels, these balloons become showstoppers and a topic of conversation at any event! While you can order these balloons online, I decided to see if our local party store carried them. To my surprise, they did! However, you could only buy them in packages of 6…and I only wanted 1! Almost walking out of the store, I quickly stopped and asked if they happened to have just ONE laying around from an opened package. Again surprised, they DID! And they gave it to me for FREE! I just had to pay for the helium to inflate it, which was only $5! Fantastic!

    Balloon Tassel DIY

    So I went home and made the tassels the night before my party. I started way too late, but it honestly was one of the easiest party DIY’s I’ve done. And what a huge impact it makes! I will definitely do these again, at other events! Absolutely love the way it turned out! Step by step tutorial below!


    DIY Balloon Tassel Tutorial:


    Tissue Paper (in desired colors)

    Bakers Twine




    1. Take a few pieces of the same color tissue paper and fold in half length-wise.


    2. Then fold it again, in half.


    3. Next, begin to cut the strips upwards towards the fold. The strips should be approximately 1/4 inch wide, leaving a couple inches uncut at the fold. Cut all the strips.

    IMG_77084. Unfold the tissue paper back from Step 2 and cut completely through the tissue, making two halves. 


     5. Take one half and open. If you layered your paper in Step 1, make sure to separate the layers and continue doing the following steps to each layer, separately. Make sure if you are using gold or silver that you lay the paper with the dull side up (you will be rolling this) so that you will see the shiny side in the finished product. Lay all the strips flat. 


    6. Beginning at one end, tightly roll until the entire piece is rolled. 


     7. Once you have rolled the entire piece, take and twist the middle section, creating a loop hole. 


     8. Take the bakers twine and insert through the tissue loop hole. Repeat for each tassel. 


    9. You may need want to secure each tassel with a bit of tape in order that they will stay in place. I placed mine about 2-3 inches apart.


    Hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial! If you make your own tassels, I’d love to see some of your pictures! So please send them in!

    Love & Blessings,




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