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    End of Summer Bash with Henry’s Hard Soda

    Ok, so I think I blinked and summer is now almost over! I mean honestly, does anyone else feel like Summer 2018 just flew by?! To be totally honest, summer is my 3rd favourite season, behind fall and spring. Or I guess you could say it’s as my 2nd least favourite season behind winter. Either way you slice it, summer isn’t usually topping my lists as the best time of the year. Honestly, the only real reason for this (and…

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  • Drinks / Food

    Fizzy Orange Grenadine Punch

    With the holiday season upon us, it’s time to get the festive food and drinks rolling out. For the last few years that we’ve been hosting holiday parties, I find that while I spend lots of time and attention…

  • Drinks / Food / Food Facts

    Elevating the Season with Upgraded Coffee

    If you’ve been following along on our Facebook page the last week, you will notice that we’ve been having daily conversation starters. This is something I’ve never really done before, however, this year…during this holiday season, I wanted to…

  • Drinks / Food

    Coffee Slush Punch

    I realized the other day that for someone who loves to write about food, I haven’t ever posted a drink recipe! Truth be told, it’s probably because I don’t make a lot of special drinks for my parties. Besides…

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