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    Granny Joy’s Apple Crisp: A Family Treasure

    I’m sure everyone out there has a treasured family recipe, right?! You know those recipes that your grandma and great-grandma used to make, which have now been passed down to you, for you to make for your children?! Those recipes are so treasured because not only do they taste amazing but when you make them, your heart and mind flood with amazing memories of times gone by. Those recipes are important, even more so if that loved one has passed…

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  • Desserts / Food

    Colourful Fruit-Flavoured Ice Cream Floats

    Summertime is when many of us love to get together with our family and friends for a fabulous backyard party! We all know that a party is never truly a good party without great eats, right?! From juicy burgers…

  • Pumpkin Walnut Spice Cake
    Baked Goods / Desserts / Food

    Pumpkin Walnut Spice Cake

    I am excited to share one of my favorite pumpkin cake recipes with you today! Whether you are traditionally a fan of pumpkin or not, I promise you that you will LOVE this recipe! I have yet to serve…

  • Reese's Spread & Cream Cheese Monkey Bread
    Desserts / Food

    Reese Spreads + Cream Cheese Monkey Bread

    When it comes to sweets, there is absolutely nothing better in this world than the combination of chocolate and peanut butter. NOTHING. Whenever given the choice, I will always, 100% of time choose chocolate and peanut butter, in any…