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    Updating Kitchen Dining Area with Mohawk Home


    This last Fall, we undertook the MASSIVE job of gutting and renovating our entire kitchen! We more than doubled the original space, which included taking down a load barring wall. We did this project in conjunction with the One Room Challenge and because of how massive of a renovation it was, we definitely ran out of time and didn’t get to complete everything. One of those areas that was never fully completed was our kitchen dining space, so we are thrilled to finally be finishing this area now, complete with new dining chairs, refinished kitchen table and our brand new area rug from Mohawk Home!


    When it came to coming up with the kitchen redesign last year, I’ll be honest in saying that the dine-in area in the kitchen was the one part of that kitchen that there wasn’t much to do with in terms of renovation. It’s actually the only part of the kitchen where we left the original drywall up. So everything that we were going to change in that space was simply cosmetic.

    A few changes that we were able to make in time for the kitchen reveal were the wallpaper, adding in floor-to-ceiling curtains and swapping out the ceiling light. Even without having changed anything really structural, these cosmetic changes I found really helped give more character, warmth and interest to the space but I knew then that it wasn’t complete.


    The main change that we knew still needed to happen was refinishing the kitchen table. We acquired this table a number of years ago when we lived at the old house, and even then, it was in rough shape when we got it. Since living in this new home, we’ve used it as our kitchen table and the wear and tear has only grown worse. So we knew that it needed to be sanded down, we just ran out of a time in the Fall.

    When it came to the chairs, I was able to find some really beautiful, vintage chairs that needed to be repainted and the fabric recovered. Because I was running out of time, I decided to try using chalk spray paint on the chairs and let me tell you, that was a VERY expensive mistake. Not only did I need about eight cans to finish all the chairs, almost all of the chairs immediately started chipping after our reveal.


    So, we’ve finally had time to refinish the table, get new chairs and add in a beautiful area rug from Mohawk Home to now bring this renovation all together! Before I share with you the final reveal, remember, THIS image below is actually where we started from – grey wall, metal chairs and just a major lack of design in the space!

    Kitchen Dining REVEAL:


    Honestly, a couple of weeks ago when I knew I was going to be making these changes, I was a little worried that it wouldn’t make much of a visual difference! I could NOT have been more WRONG (and I don’t like admitting that, but here we are!)

    For starters, the table looks like a completely NEW table! It did take me almost two full days of sanding in the freezing cold weather and three different stains to get it just right, but it was so worth it! I can’t encourage you guys enough that if you have a significant piece of wood furniture that you don’t like anymore or is in really bad shape – don’t just throw it out! While it does take some time and elbow grease to restore, it’s so worth it when you are able to give your furniture a whole new life!


    Next, let’s talk about the chairs! Like I mentioned above, the previous chairs were just not working out for us. I knew I could try and refinish them again but to be honest, those chairs weren’t really sturdy nor did I find they really fit the overall look/vibe I was going for. They were also too short for the table, so we found we were sitting unusually low.


    I’ve always loved the look of the King Louis chairs, but honestly, they are often times really expensive everywhere I’ve looked. I was just randomly scrolling Google for SOMETHING to jump out at me and then these guys popped up! A 2-pack on Amazon for only $300! I couldn’t believe it! AND, they were delivered in TWO days! It was definitely one of those START THE CAR kind of moments!

    When they came, I was not only super impressed with the quality but how perfectly they fit into this space, especially on our new area rug!


    Last but certainly not least is our new area rug from Mohawk Home, which really pulls the entire look together!

    Ok, so let me be VERY honest with you guys – I’ve never been a rug-under-the-table kinda gal. I guess when I first started paying attention to design and noticing that people would do this, I was just confused – why would you put a rug under arguably one of the messiest parts of your home?!

    But then overtime, the look grew on me and now that my design aesthetic has evolved and sophisticated, shall we say, I knew that a rug under the table would just pull together the entire look. And that’s exactly what it did!


    Here are the details on the rug – it’s called Isabelle Grey and it’s 8′ x 10′. I absolutely LOVE the pops of coral pink, indigo blue and soft teal. While traditionally I think the design is meant to be more of a Persian-inspired look, I really think it works so well with our Modern French theme! The pattern isn’t too busy but just busy enough that should the kids spill anything, it won’t be that noticeable! And all the mothers raised their praise hands, right?!


    We also got the felt rug pad to go under the rug, which is a must for a carpet under your table to make sure it doesn’t slide around or scratch your floors. What I also love about this under pad is that you can use it on multiple surfaces as it’s reversible!


    And you know it’s a wonderful rug when it not only looks amazing in the room, but it’s become your dog’s favourite new resting place! True story – I didn’t place Ruby in these pictures, she just refused to move! Puppy-approved!

    Well there you have it friends – our completed kitchen dining space! What do you think about it?! I’d love to hear your comments below! And once we are back to normal life, consider yourself invited for a meal around this table!

    Love & Blessings,


    Note: This post was sponsored by Mohawk Home where I may have received product and/or compensation in exchange for my honest reviews.

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