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    Chuck’s Roasted Carrots

    Recently I was invited to the LG home and kitchen event here in Toronto, hosted by Chef Chuck Hughes and interior designer Jane Lockhart. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend due to illness in our home, but thankfully, I was able to recreate a couple of Chef Hughes’ recipes at home.

    This roasted carrot recipe is SO good that I decided to share the recipe really quickly here with you. This is truly one of the best vegetable side dishes I’ve ever had! We didn’t have any of Chef Hughes’ products on hand, so we just substituted with the store brand products we had at home and the only other adjustment is that we withheld the raisins at the end. We aren’t big raisin fans, but by all means, if you love raisins, give them a go!

    Enjoy and try to refrain from licking your plate! It’s THAT good!

    Chuck's Roasted Carrots
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    1. 10 rainbow carrots
    2. Pinch of chili flakes
    3. Sliced shallots
    4. 3 tbs My Greek Landlord’s Olive Oil
    5. 1/8 cup Premium Apple Cider Vinegar
    6. 1/8 cup My Woodsman’s Maple Syrup
    7. 2 tbs butter
    8. Chopped parsley
    9. Salt and pepper
    10. 3 tbs pistachios
    11. 3 tbs raisins
    1. Heat olive oil on medium heat
    2. Add carrots
    3. Season with salt & pepper and chili flakes
    4. Cook carrots for about 10 minutes
    5. Add shallots then cook another 4-5 minutes
    6. Deglaze with Apple Cider Vinegar
    7. Add Maple Syrup, butter and parsley, let thicken
    8. Garnish with raisins and pistachios
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    Happy Cooking!

    Love & Blessings,



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