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    Girls Room Makeover – BEFORE

    Pretty In Pink Baby Girl Nursery

    Well, the time has come again for us to tackle a new room makeover!

    If you have been following along, you will know that we attempted to do our deck makeover back in the early spring, but then that never happened. We are actually still waiting on permits for that build. #CRAZY but let’s not get into that right now.

    So we’ve been debating which space we could tackle in the meantime and after a chat with my friends at HomeSense, we decided to partner together to makeover our daughter’s bedroom. And then Canadian Tire came along and wanted to help us paint with their Premier line of paint and we just couldn’t say no! Insert seven year old squeals from our girl! 

    But before we get to the reveal of the room (which let me tell you, it’s so beautiful!), I first have you take you on a the journey to the past and check out the “Before” of this space.

    Pretty In Pink Baby Girl Nursery

    My daughter’s room design started eight years ago when I was a first-time preggo momma. I was SO excited at the thought of being a new mom, but even more exciting was that we were having a GIRL! Dream come true. 

    I knew very early on that I wanted the space to be chic and not necessarily “baby”. You see at the time, the items that stores were carrying here in Canada for baby decor were pretty limited. It was either animals (and not the cute hipster looking ones you see everywhere now), animated characters or overly childish looking nature patterns like butterflies or bees. I wasn’t into any of it. 

    I can remember scouring the Internet for something chic but yet girly. I remember when I stumbled upon this damask bedding in pink, white and black and I fell in LOVE! It wouldn’t even ship to Canada so I had to coordinate it to arrive at a hotel we were staying at for a family vacation. 

    Pretty In Pink Baby Girl NurseryWe picked out paint colors, found a gorgeous chandelier from Home Depot and a few decor items from HomeSense and we were set!

    We ended up moving less than a year after she was born and had to redo the entire space. This time instead of doing actual wainscotting, we decided to paint the black portion with alternating stripes of high gloss black paint and matte black paint. It’s really hard to tell in the picture, but trust me, it was really cool in person.

    Almost four years later, we moved again to our current home and once again, set up her space in a similar fashion. 

    The difference now was that this space was a slightly awkward space. It was long and narrow with sloped ceilings by the window. This made it limiting in how we could set it up. Because of this, we decided that painting the lower half of the walls black would be a bad idea and just left it all pink. We also chose a much softer pink for this space than the previous ones. 

    The biggest difference here though was the bed. Her crib was a converting crib, which we turned into a full size bed. But then last year when we redid our master bedroom and got a king sized, we decided to move our queen bed into her room. 

    I know that a queen sized bed is way more than a seven year old needs, however, we have lots of out of town guests who visit and while we have a pull out couch on our lower level, we also like having a secondary space to offer guests when they stay.

    But the problem here is that we put in our old headboard and stuffed it into the alcove area under her window. This made it so tight and over crowded in her room. I would honestly walk into this space every day and feel overwhelmed by the dark, heavy and oversized furniture.

    So we knew the bed placement and headboard needed to change, as well as her dresser.

    We also knew that the walls needed to lighten up BIG TIME. Because it’s such a narrow space, we needed something lighter to make it feel bigger.

    So enjoy the rest of the “before” pictures below, as well as our video. I honestly look at these and wonder how we lasted with the room looking like that for so long, especially now that I know how gorgeous it is since we’ve finished.

    Make sure to come back MONDAY for the big REVEAL! I’m SO excited to share it with you, as well as a few tips and tricks we did to make the space truly uniquely perfect for our daughter!

    Love & Blessings,




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