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    Pretty In Pink Nursery

    Pretty In Pink Baby Girl Nursery

    We were ecstatic when we found out we were having a little girl! My entire life, I had dreamed about having a daughter, especially a girly-girl kind of daughter! This was a dream come true: our first child and my first daughter!

    I knew right away that I wanted something pretty and pink for her nursery! Something that was girl-ish but not necessarily baby-ish.

    Pretty In Pink Baby Girl Nursery
    There were two very important factors for me when designing this space:

    1. I had to enjoy it!
    As with any space in my home, I knew I’d be spending alot of time in my daughters nursery, so I wanted to make sure that the design was something that I enjoyed. What I’m really trying to say is that I didn’t want to make the room too “kid-ish.” Know what I mean? I like pretty and elegant things and so why wouldn’t I want that reflected in the nursery as well? Monkeys, rainbows and Dora all have their place in life (and believe me, they all have a place in my daughter’s life now!) but I didn’t want to imagine myself swinging on vines with the monkeys while nursing my daughter in her room!

    2. It had to grow with her.
    I knew I’d be spending a decent amount of money on this space and therefore I wasn’t prepared for her to tell me in a few years that she no longer liked it. Rather, I wanted a space that could grow with her, well into her teen years. Something that would be classic in design aesthetic for years to come but something that was also “current.”

    Pretty In Pink Baby Girl Nursery

    So with that tall order, I set out to find the perfect pieces. Well guess what? It’s alot harder to find unique non-animal/cupcake print bedding then I thought! I searched all the local stores and couldn’t find anything that I liked. So I started looking online. Even still, it proved to be challenging to find something that wasn’t filled with animals, tv characters or cupcakes.

    Finally, I stumbled upon Sweet Jojo Designs and found our incredible bedding! I fell in love as soon as I saw it, knowing that this would be the jumping off point for the room design.

    Note: What I also loved about this bedding was that it was available in full/queen size as well, so in keeping with my 2nd important factor of growing with my baby, it was the perfect fit for us!

    Next, I knew I wanted a chandelier! I mean what girly-girl room is complete without a chandelier?! Again, searching high and low, I finally found the perfect one at HomeDepot.ca.

    Pretty In Pink Baby Girl Nursery

    We have moved three times since this nursery was first built and we have taken the chandelier with each move! And in each new home, we’ve re-constructed the same room, for our now 5 year old girl!

    I shopped at HomeSense to fill the room with the rest of the fabulous decor! One thing I wanted to mention here is that when you are shopping for specific decor pieces, don’t let color throw you off. Color can almost always be changed. If you find a fabulous piece that you love, but it’s green and you wanted red, let your imagination roam and figure out if you can repaint it to the color you want. The candle sconces, the mirror and the wrought iron metal piece above her crib were all different colors! But I could see what they would look like spray painted black! So that’s what my hubby did and I’m so happy with how they turned out!

    Finally, we selected the color of pink that we thought best matched the bedding and went to town painting both wall and ceiling! I love the idea of a painted ceiling…it makes the room feel cozier and takes the design quite literally from floor to ceiling! We did beadboard for the lower half of the walls, painted in black and then white trim to separate the two spaces on the walls.

    Pretty In Pink Baby Girl Nursery

    Overall, we were so happy with how it turned out! Like I said above, our daughter is now 5 years old and we’ve moved to two other homes since. And in each home, we’ve recreated this similar look. We have lightened the pink paint color overtime to a softer pink and we eventually did buy the full size bedding for her convertible crib bed! She absolutely still loves it and whenever her little girlfriends come over to play they always say “Wow! I LOVE your room!”

    Thank you for reading all about our nursery makeover! I hope you’ve been inspired for your next room renovation! Try and do something a little bit different from the norm when it comes to design. If you can’t find it in a store, look online. You’ll be surprised at what you can find!

    Love & Blessings,



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