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    Enjoying City Life with Maplelea Girl Dolls

    Having grown up in a suburb of Ottawa, I always fancied the city life. We lived about 20 minutes from downtown Ottawa and so we got to enjoy both the suburban and city life. But during my youth, I desired even more of city life and hoped to one day live in Toronto.

    Fast forward to my married life and we actually spent our first 10 years living in various small towns and a northern city in Ontario. While those places all had their perks and advantages, it still never had the same pizazz that a major metropolitan city had.

    Just over two years ago, we were finally able to make the move to Toronto and live out a childhood dream of mine. While we’ve settled quite nicely into a suburb just outside the city (quite similar to that of my childhood), the city life is something we get to experience quite often.

    maplelea girls doll

    What has surprised me most about this move into the Greater Toronto Area has been how much my kids have loved the city life. They love a good adventure as much as we do and they seem to thrive whenever we bring them right into the heart of downtown Toronto. With all the sights and sounds, the kids are always amazed at their surroundings, which usually includes trying out a plethora of new foods! The kids enjoy sightseeing, exploring new neighborhoods, shopping in unique boutiques and of course, fancying a good cup of hot chocolate and macarons!

    maplelea girls doll

    So when the opportunity came to partner together with Maplelea Dolls for their Canadian Girl Collection, the choice was a rather obvious one, knowing which doll best represented my six year old: the “City Go on the Go” girl named Alexi!

    Alexi is from Toronto, specifically from the Cabbagetown neighborhood. She loves adventures, gymnastics and her little cat “Chapta.” Alexi comes with her own book that tells you all about her life, her family and her various interests. It also includes loads of blank pages so that my daughter can write in all her own details about herself, her family and what she hopes and dreams to become once she’s older.

    maplelea girls doll

    maplelea girls doll

    This Maplelea Dolls Canadian Girl Collection is so awesome for girls around the country as they have seven dolls that represent the various regions coast to coast. The collection includes dolls from both coasts, East and West, the Rocky mountains as well as the Prairies, a doll from historic Quebec City and rounding out the group is an Inuit Girl, representing our Canadian heritage. Seriously, a doll for everyone!

    maplelea girls doll

    When we purchased Alexi online, we also decided to get her a secondary outfit, because which girl doesn’t love to sport a few looks, right?! I absolutely loved that they had an “Art in the City” wardrobe for Alexi that included leggings, a tank and a cardigan. But what I specifically loved about the tank top was that it had the Toronto skyline, including the iconic CN Tower, to represent the art movement in Toronto. Having lived here now for a few years, we’ve had the great fortune of exploring this art subculture first hand, with kids in tow! From visiting the Art Gallery that they turn into a kids center on Family Day, to having a photoshoot in Graffiti Alley behind Queen Street to exploring the neighborhoods of the Kensington Market, the kids have been able to see this amazing art expression throughout the city.


    One thing to note is that as much as my daughter loves her two younger brothers, she has always begged us for a little sister. We have informed her that although we’d love to grant her her wish, that just won’t be happening as our family is complete with the five of us. There are days when I feel like she’s ok with that and then there are days when I hear her express that desire for a sister more strongly.

    Since Alexi has come into her life, she honestly has barely left her side. I’ve heard my daughter call her her “best friend” and just yesterday she said to me, “Mom, Alexi is like the sister I never had.” Insert tears!

    maplelea girls doll

    This Maplelea Doll is so much more than just “another” doll for my daughter. She’s become a playmate, a trusted friend and part of the family. I think a huge reason why Alexi resonates more with my daughter than any other doll she’s ever had is because of the cultural connection to living life as a city girl. My daughter identifies with her and they have so much in common, including their mutual love for cats (although we unfortunately can never have a cat due to severe allergies).

    So wherever your little girl resides in Canada, there is a Maplelea doll that will resonate with her and become her instant best friend! Knowing what will connect with your daughter, make sure to pick one up this upcoming holiday season and give the gift of a new bestie for your little girl!

    Love & Blessings,





    “This post is part of the YummyMummyClub.ca and the Maplelea #MapleleaLove sponsored program. I received compensation as a thank you for my participation. This post reflects my personal opinion about the information provided by the sponsors.”


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