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    Stop Germs Dead In Their Track With Proper Hand Washing

    We are headed into the dreaded germ season as winter approaches. For anyone with kids, you know that this is intensified as schools and daycares seem to be breading grounds for these nasty bugs.

    Last winter we managed to get through with little to no sickness, thank you Lord! So I am praying again for a relatively healthy and sick-free season coming up.

    dial proper hand washing to prevent germs

    There were some definite reasons why I think we managed to come out of germ season last pretty unscathed. 

    The first reason I think was using essential oils. These are so great to boost the kids immune systems and stop germs from even entering there bodies. Even if and when they started showing any signs of getting sick, I would load them up with oils and they usually were fine the next day.

    Second reason would be plenty of water, nutrient-rich foods and lots of sleep. When you take care of your body and give it what it needs, it has stronger defence mechanisms that can ward off any unwanted house guest trying to take up residence. Vitamins are important this time of year too!

    dial proper hand washing to prevent germs

    Thirdly, I think the reason we managed to make it out alive and well was largely due to hand washing. I know it seems like such a simple thing but it’s incredible the benefits you and your family will reap from frequent and proper hand washing.

    dial proper hand washing to prevent germs

    Did you know that every 60 seconds an adult touches as many as 30 objects?! And did you know that only about 5% of adults wash their hands long enough to destroy infectious germs after using the bathroom? That’s crazy! But I will admit it…I’ve had moments were I think a quick “rinse” will do just fine. But during cold and flu season, that rinse isn’t going to do anything to help cleanse your hands of those 30+ objects’ germs!

    dial proper hand washing to prevent germs

    It’s important to start teaching your kids from a young age how to properly wash their hands because these practices will stay with them into adulthood. The general rule of thumb is you need at least 20 seconds of active hand washing to get rid of any germs that are on your hands.

    dial proper hand washing to prevent germs

    With my kids, I’ve tried to turn both hand washing and teeth brushing into a somewhat ‘fun’ activity by singing a song. I tell them they have to get through at least one kid song…whether it’s “Jesus Love Me”, “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” or “Happy Birthday.” This helps keep them going just long enough to make sure what they are doing is actually effective.

    dial proper hand washing to prevent germs

    It’s also good to remind your kids of when they should be washing their hands. Many of us think it’s just after using the bathroom and/or before eating, but there are other times that are important to remember to wash up: after playing with animals/pets, after coughing/sneezing, after cleaning the house, after the gym or any outside activity or after being out in a public area such as a mall, movie theatre, grocery store, etc.

    dial proper hand washing to prevent germs img_8005

     Luckily, with Dial, they have a collection of amazing products that are perfect for everyone in your family. My husband isn’t a huge fan of scented soaps, so he opts for the traditional bar of soap both for hand washing and in the shower. My kids and I, on the other hand, love foamy soaps. So Dial’s Silk and Magnolia Foaming Wash is the perfect match and leaves your hands not only smelling good, but feeling silky smooth!

    dial proper hand washing to prevent germs

    Dial is so passionate about helping you and your family learn about proper hand washing that they are hosting a super fun giveaway RIGHT NOW on Instagram. They want to see how you teach your family about good and effective hand washing and you could win a $250 Gift Pack, which includes: $75 worth of Dial products, a $75 cash card and a $100 bathroom set! Make sure to follow @dialcanada on Instagram and post your picture of you and your family washing those hands, using the hashtag #Dial4cleanhands. Contest is open to Canadian residents and will run until October 17th at 6pm EST. So head over to their Instagram page and make sure to enter!

    dial proper hand washing to prevent germs

    Heading into cold and flu season can be somewhat daunting, but armed with the right tools and techniques, you can try your best to keep the germs out of your home and ultimately out of your bodies! 

    Happy Hand Washing!

    Love & Blessings,


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