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    Revamping Family Movie Night

    Family movie night is something that we started about a year ago. Although the kids were still young, our oldest started asking about having a dedicated family movie night, specially set with all the appropriate food fixings! We decided that the older two were old enough to have a “late” Friday night and give it a go. 

    Over the last year, family movie night has remained fairly consistent, even adding in a few friends at times. Getting special snacks, dressed up in our pyjamas and snuggled in bed, it’s safe to say that it’s usually a pretty special night for our kids.

    To kick off family movie night this school year, we decided to step it up a notch and make it extra special for the kids. For starters, our littlest has now joined in on the festivities! I’m surprised at how well his attention span is for a two and a half year old. 

    But we decided to do something extra special and memorable for the kids this time around, while watching a family favorite movie: Tangled!

    You see, for years now, our oldest has been obsessed with the movie Tangled. We had that
    movie on repeat when she was younger, to the point of burning out the DVD. My daughter always wanted to dress up as Rapunzel so one year, I made her a Rapunzel braid, which we STILL have to this day! (Here is the best picture I could find of my girl wearing the braid. This was about four years ago!)


    So for our first family movie night of the new school year, we thought it would be cute to try and recreate this scene from Tangled and make it an extra special experience for the kids. 

    Tangled Netflix Family Movie Night

    Here’s what we did: We took two strings of globe lights that we had on hand, attached them with fishing line to the ceiling light in our room and zig zagged them back and forth to the headboard. This created such a magical feeling, as the kids were literally under the lights.

    The kids thought this was the coolest idea and it really set the scene for an extra special family movie night in our home!

    Netflix Family Movie Night Tangled

    It doesn’t take much to make family movie night a little extra special. Pick a movie and let the theme guide you. Perhaps you want to watch the newly released Zootopia on Netflix. Have your kids gather all the stuffed animals and set them up to join the family in watching it! Or perhaps you want to really get into character and have the kids dress up as the movie characters. Or create a little trivia game with the movie facts that you can play either before or during the movie, if the kids need a little break.

    Netflix Family Movie Night Tangled

    There are so many ways that you can get your kids really excited about family movie night…apart from the late night bedtime and snacks. Creating a special scene or even movie themed snack is something that your kids will remember for a long time. 

    Take some time to create those extra special memories with your kids this coming Fall during family movie night!

    Love & Blessings,





    Note: I am part of the Netflix Stream Team of bloggers and will be doing monthly reviews for them. This gig does come with a few perks, but as always, these opinions are 100% mine!

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