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    Combating the Cold and Flu As the Kids Head Back to School

    As the days of summer are numbered and the cooler nights signal that Fall is coming, it’s important that as we get our kids ready for back to school, we also prepare for cold and flu season.

    As much as I LOVE the fall (it is my favorite season), I know that with the change in temperatures comes potential sickness. Especially once the kids are back in school (or daycare), it seems as if those places become breading grounds for all kinds of illness. 

    natural cold and flu remedies for children

    So as you are gathering up your school supplies and styling the latest outfits for your kids, we want to make sure that you are also armed with natural medicines to help combat the first sign of the cold or flu.

    Starting with Coryzalia, this is the perfect medicine for whenever your child begins to have the first signs of a cold with a stuffed or runny nose. What I love so much about Boiron’s natural medicines is that they are sugar-free, dye-free and preservative-free, making them safe for adults and kids alike. What’s even better about Coryzalia is that it comes in two formats: easy, chewable tabs or drinkable unit-doses. 

    natural cold and flu remedies for children

    Next, let’s talk about the dreaded cough. You know the one…the one that is likely going to keep you and your little one up ALL NIGHT LONG! Especially for children under the age of six, there aren’t cough medicines that you can give your child for relief. That’s why I turn to Boiron’s Stodal: a cough syrup that relieves both dry and wet coughs and is safe for children from 1 to 11 years old. It has nine different homeopathic ingredients in it and because it’s all natural, it won’t cause drowsiness, so it can be administered at any time.

    natural cold and flu remedies for children

    natural cold and flu remedies for children

    There are times, though, where it doesn’t matter what you’ve done to try and combat the cold, it will sometimes turn into a full-blown flu. It’s so tough as a parent, to watch your children in pain and not be able to function as they normally do. Oscillococcinum is the perfect natural remedy that helps reduce the duration of flu-like symptoms, such as body aches, chills and fever. Again, it’s a medicine that the whole family can use with zero side effects, including no drowsiness. 

    natural cold and flu remedies for childrenI’m excited to let you know that we’ve partnered with Boiron Canada to help you get your kids back to school ready when it comes to their health with a Twitter Party on Tuesday, August 23rd, at 8 pm EST. We will be talking about ways to help keep your family healthy this coming fall with some tips as well as we will be giving away some amazing prizes (for Canadians only)! 

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    Note: I am a Boiron Ambassadors, working with them to review their line of homeopathic products.There are special perks that come with this ambassadorship. As a long time fan of Boiron and their products, these opinions are 100% my own and honest. 

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