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    Gear Up For Summer Adventures With This Medical Kit

    Summer is in full swing and many of us are hitting the road with the kids for a great adventure! If you are like us and have multiple kids to pack for, the preparation process can seem daunting leading up to your great escape. 

    Now that we’ve gone away a few times this summer and because we have a few more trips planned, I’m just leaving my suitcases out for easy access and packing.

    One of the things that I MUST pack for our family of five is a medical kit. There’s nothing worse than being away and a medical issue arising at 3:00am with no store in sight (especially if you are camping). 

    family medical kit for summer adventures with boiron

    This is by no means an exhaustive kit or professional first aid kit, but these are MUST HAVE items that make travelling with my kids much easier and with more peace of mind. This also doesn’t include items like sunscreen, aloe vera and bug repellent, which are always packed in our vehicle during summer months.

    So I thought I would share with you the items that are game changers for us and that we would never be caught WITHOUT this summer!

    Medical Kit List:
    Hydrogen Peroxide
    Baby Powder
    Arnicare Cream
    Hand Sanitizer
    Kids Tylenol
    Naphcon A Eye Drops
    Adult Tylenol
    Sabalia Homeopathic Allergy Medicine
    Cocculine Homeopathic motion sickness medicine
    Dapis Gel for Inset bites
    Cotton Swabs
    Nail Clippers

    Let’s break this down a bit and let me tell you about why I love some of these products and consider them a necessity for our summer adventures.

    First Aid: Hydrogen Peroxide, Cotten Swabs, Polysporin, Band Aids, Q-Tips, Nail Clippers, Hand Saniitzer & Arnicare Cream
    It’s so important, especially with little kids, to always have some sort of first aid kit ready for the bumps and bruises that may happen while away. Having some hydrogen peroxide and polysporin along with cotton swabs, q-tips and band-aids makes for relatively easy and quick clean up, making sure that their cuts are protected from potential infection. I like to also have nail clippers because you never know if a nail will become an issue for a child and/or they are very effective in removing splinters from feet!

    Family Medical Kit for Summer with Boiron

    The other product that I’ve more recently been introduced to and love is Arnicare Cream from Boiron. This is safe for both adult and children as it’s 100% naturally sourced medical ingredients and a homeopathic medicine. This cream effectively treats muscle and joint pain which is great for adults (especially after a night camping and sleeping on the ground) but also helps ease the resorption of bruises and inflammatory oedema caused by falls. 

    Family Medical Kit for Summer with Boiron

    Pain Relief: Adult & Kids Tylenol, Cocculine Motion Sickness and Dapis Gel for Bites
    You can’t go too far from the home without having some form of pain relief available for your family. While we don’t like to think of the possibility of getting sick while on a summer adventure, it does happen sometimes. Better be safe than sorry.

    IMG_7036Family Medical Kit for Summer with Boiron

    I always try to keep some tylenol on hand for both my husband and I and our children. You never know when a fever, headache or tooth ache might set in.

    Little known fact about myself and my two oldest kids: we all get car sick. I have always struggled with motion sickness and have tried a variety of medical and natural methods to cure it. My two oldest have the same misfortune but I don’t love medicating them all the time, especially when it’s a long trip. That’s why I love Cocculine by Boiron. It’s a safe and effective homeopathic remedy that will ease their motion sickness woes. It’s been a lifesaver for our family!

    Family Medical Kit for Summer with boiron

    And of course you can’t go on a summer adventure without some insect relief gel! It’s hard to avoid bug bites, even with bug repellent so having a natural cooling gel that brings relief for you and your family is a must! Dapis Gel from Boiron does the trick!

    Family Medical Kit for Summer with Boiron

    Allergy Relief: Sabalia Allergy Relief, Benadryl and Naphcon A Eye Drops
    Seasonal allergies are no joke in our home. Since I was young, I can remember severely struggling with allergies during the spring, summer and early fall. Having to live on allergy medications every single day during these seasons can be tough. I love the idea of having a homeopathic remedy that is safe for both adults and kids alike. Sabalia Allergy medicine is non-drowsy, anti-histamine-free and a pseudoephedrine-free formula. 

    Family Medical Kit for Summer with Boiron

    Now, in our home, we not only deal with seasonal and environmental allergies, we also deal with other common allergens with our middle son. In addition to being allergic to a number of different foods, he is also very allergic to dogs and cats. Sometimes, when on vacation, we aren’t sure if we will be visiting someone who may have a household pet that will trigger his allergies. So it’s always good for us to have Benadryl packed for him, just in case.

    Finally, I have to mention one of our favorite allergy relief products that my mother-in-law introduced us to many years ago. Have your eyes ever become so itchy that you literally want to claw them out of your head?! Well if you are like me, these are the drops for you! Naphcon A eye drops are like little drops of heaven into your insanely itchy eyes! They will burn like heck for the first minute, which I always say is a GOOD burn because you know they are healing the itch. And within minutes, your eyes feel brand new! Just like magic! 

    Family Medical Kit for Summer with Boiron

    Well there you have it, our must have medical kit items for our family summer adventures! Did I miss something important that is a must for your family? Let me know in the comments below what are some of your must-have items! Happy adventures! 

    Love & Blessings,





    Note: I am a Boiron Ambassadors, working with them to review their line of homeopathic products.There are special perks that come with this ambassadorship. As a long time fan of Boiron and their products, these opinions are 100% my own and honest. Also, there are some affiliate links in this post where if you buy the item, through the link, I make a small amount of money. This is what helps make this blog possible and ultimately supports my family. 

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