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    Mother’s Day Inspiration

    Mothers Day

    Happy Mother’s Day to all my mom readers out there! Whether you are young or less young, today, we pause and celebrate YOU! The huge sacrifice you made as you carried us for nine months, soothed us at all hours of the nights, were a safe haven for us when the world was a scary place, provider, launderer, meal maker, owie-fixer…and the list goes on and on. You have worn just about every hat under the sun while you raised us and spent many years of your life dedicated to making our lives the best it could be. And for that, we stand up and applaud and say “Thank You, Momma!” 

    Mother’s day takes on a new meaning when you have your own children. In fact, your own mother gets a whole new level of appreciation once your littles arrive. I always had a great relationship with my mom. From a very early age, she was a confidante and most trusted friend for me. I didn’t always agree with her and necessarily like what she always had to say, but I always loved, respected and most of all, admired her. I thought I knew how much she did for us and the sacrifices she constantly would make…but I really had no idea until I became a mom myself just over five years ago.

    Mother's Day

    I’ve never had more respect and admiration and love for my mom as I do now. You see, being a mom is a HARD thing. For some, it’s natural. For others, it’s work. But for many, it’s a constant battle between all the things we THINK we should be like as a mom and how we actually are. For those who are working moms, that struggle between work and home…the guilt that can sometimes set in for wanting a career while still trying to raise a family. For us who work from home, that struggle to balance work and play. The struggle…it’s real folks. Yet for many moms, they just seem to balance so well and so naturally. And even when they are struggling, they don’t like to let us see that. 

    Mothers Day

    And I get that NOW. I didn’t really get that before I had my own kids. I couldn’t really appreciate my mom as much as I can now that I am one…because I am now living it, day in and day out. I look at my mom now and want more than ever to be a mom like she is/was. She is strength, she is beauty, she is faithful, she is happy, she is sincere, she is lovable, she is respected, she is blessed. I think of the verse in Proverbs 31:28 where it says “Her children arise and call her blessed.” This is how I view my own mom and this is how I pray my children will view me one day.

    Being a mom is hard but it so rewarding. And while we try and balance it all, my hope is that all you momma’s out there today will realize you are gracious, mighty fighters who go into battle every day to fight for your kids. For their futures, for the present…for their day in and their day out livelihood. Where would these kids be without their momma’s standing by their sides? One day, they will raise up and call YOU blessed. Because that’s exactly what you are…a blessing to them and to so many others around. 

    Thank you for what you do. Thank you for what you’ve done, even when no one else knew you were doing it. Thank you for what you will do. Today, we honor YOU, dear Mom!


    Love & Blessings,




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