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    Rockstar Barbie Birthday Party

    I love music. I also love Barbie. And so when my daughter came to me with the idea of a Rockstar Barbie birthday party, I was pretty excited. She originally just wanted a rockstar party. She has always been into music and loves dancing. This was a party theme she had been thinking about for a long time and was excited to watch Mommy bring it to life. Then, back in early March, I was invited to a Barbie #YouCanBeAnything…

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  • thomas the train birthday party
    Entertaining / Kids Birthday's

    Thomas the Train Birthday Party

    As I sit here on this cold, winter day, watching a massive snow storm outside, I am thinking back to warmer days and longing for summer! As I was reminiscing, I realized that I never shared my second son’s 3rd…

  • Transformer's Birthday Party
    Entertaining / Kids Birthday's

    Transformers Birthday Party

    Today I want to share with you the super fun Transformers Birthday party that we did for our middle son’s fourth birthday!  Typically, I don’t like parties to be so literal. What I mean by that is that I’m…