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    New Year, New Color Correcting Makeup

    While I’m no makeup artist, I’ve always loved doing my own makeup. Even more so in the last few years, I find that I really enjoy the mornings where I can take a little extra time and really dig into some fun shadows, liners and contours. Even when I find myself going down the YouTube rabbit hole (you know the one), it almost always leads me back to makeup tutorials. There’s just something so fascinating about watching people transform their…

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  • Inspiration / Lifestyle

    What’s in Store for 2017 on the Blog

    A few days ago, I shared with you my word for 2017. In fact, it wasn’t one word, it was two: Focus and Intention. Focus, which is really a continuation from last year and Intention to really make sure…

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    My Word for 2016: FOCUS

    Focus. My word for 2016.  As I recapped yesterday the highlights of 2015 from the blog, this has been a crazy and exciting year. Never did I ever plan to become a professional blogger. Quite honestly, I think I even…