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    Updating An Older Home Series Part 2: Schlage Hardware

    Welcome back to Part 2 of our series – Updating an Older Home! We are thrilled with the response that we had last week after sharing all our our new interior doors from Metrie! You guys loved them just as much as we did! Today, we are sharing all about how easy and inexpensive it is to swap out hardware in your home that makes a large and bold statement with Schlage

    When we first moved into our 25 year old home last year, we knew there were some relatively easy updates that we could make that would not only elevate our home but add value into it. One of those immediate areas we saw we could update was the hardware. I won’t lie, we decided on just the cheapest-yet-relatively-nice-looking hardware we found at the local hardware store and started slowly swapping out the knobs for handles. It didn’t really match our style but it was certainly better than the basic builder grade shiny brass knobs that had been there for 25 years. 

    When we went to start updating the front foyer this Fall, we knew that new hardware was an absolute must. And I knew that I wanted to swap the knobs for levers – I just think they look so much better. I also knew that I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted a satin brass finish, if I could find it. 

    Low and behold, I found Schlage Canada and was THRILLED with not only the satin brass and lever options, but the endless combinations that could accommodate all of our doors, including our front door with a Smart Lock, but more on that later. 

    On the Schlage site, you can customize not only the type of handle you need – turning, non-turning, bed and bath with a lock – but you could also pick from a number of colours and trim styles. We decided on the Custom Eller Lever with Century Trim in Satin Brass. I love the tapered look of the lever that can work in both modern or transitional styles (which is what I would consider ours). We paired it with the Century Trim which is actually more of a mid-Century modern design with it’s more rectangular shape with a slight curve in it. Then we selected it in the Satin Brass and it just took this hardware to a whole other level! I absolutely love the combination and the totally custom feel and look we were able to create with these interior levers from Schlage. 

    We were also able to get a combination of levers – the turning one for the closet and basement door, the bed and bath one with a lock for the powder room and then non-turning lever for the French doors. This is really nice feature that Schlage has to offer on their hardware!

    Speaking of customizing, let’s chat about our new front entry Schlage Encode Smart Wifi Deadbolt with Century Trim lock! Since we moved, we actually haven’t gotten around to changing the locks. This is typically something we do in every new-to-us home we have purchased. I think it’s just a wise idea to change the locks if you’re home has had a previous owner – not that I think they would actually come back and help themselves, but we do live in a crazy world folks and you never really know what could happen! 

    So I was thrilled to not only swap out the front entry lock but to know that it could also match the style of the interior handles with the Eller lever and Century Trim too! 

    But what’s truly amazing is the Encode Smart lock with Wifi! This is the first Smart lock we’ve ever had – I LOVE that we can now just use codes to enter our home (that’s especially helpful since someone has a husband who often misplaces their keys). You are able to program up to 100 codes into the lock and are able to turn specific codes on and off via your phone. This is so incredible and offers endless possibilities. Let’s say you have a house cleaner coming to your home on a certain date, you can program a code unique to them that you are enable during the time that they are there and then disable afterwards.

    This also means that you can lock and unlock your home from ANYWHERE via your phone! Let’s say you are gone on vacation and you forgot to leave a key for your neighbour who will be watering your plants – you can simply go into the app on your phone, assign them a code and boom, they can get into your home! Or if you left the house in a hurry and aren’t sure if you remembered to lock the door – no need to worry – just open your phone and make sure it’s locked!

    It’s absolutely revolutionary this smart lock and it’s one of those things that now that I have It, I wonder how I ever lived without it!

    As the theme is with this series – you don’t have to spend crazy amounts of money nor do you need to always hire in people to make small changes that have significant impact in your home. Upgrading interior doors, hardware and paint (which we will talk about next week) are all completely doable DIY’s that the average home owner can do on their own without breaking the bank. These small changes elevate the look and feel of your home while actually adding value to your home too! So don’t overlook the little things – they start add up to make big impact in your space!

    Make sure to check out our YouTube video to see just how easy it is to swap out the hardware in your home!

    Make sure to come back this weekend where we share part 3 of this series on how to update your older home with PAINT! You won’t want to miss our staircase reveal!

    Love & Blessings,



    Note: This post was sponsored by Schlage Canada where I have received product and/or compensation in return for my honest review. As always, the thoughts and opinions expressed here are 100% my own. 




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