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    Blue and Orange Fall Home Decor Tour

    Welcome to our Fall 2019 Home Decor Tour! I’m excited to be sharing a few of the spaces in my home today with you, how we’ve decorated them for Fall plus a few styling tips along the way! Also, I’m joining up with six other amazing Canadian bloggers who are also sharing their Fall home tours today too! Make sure once you’re done here, you go check out their spaces for some serious inspo (linked at the bottom of the post).

    I can remember a few years ago, I pretty much outlawed orange from my life. While I had never really been a fan of the colour, I always felt I had to embrace it at least once a year, during the Fall. But then as I got older and started realizing I was in charge of what colours I used in my home decor, I decided to never bring orange into my home again! Maybe a couple of pumpkins could grace my front porch but that was as far as I was willing to go.

    And then, this past August, while we were on a press trip in Buffalo, NY, I stopped in at Hobby Lobby and must have blacked out because all I walked out with was bags full of ORANGE PUMPKINS!!! I can remember unpacking them all once we arrived back home and having a good laugh remembering back to when I had sworn off the colour and yet here we were, fully embracing it!

    I think part of why I was able to get back on board with the colour was when I saw it paired next to blue. It’s funny because I don’t think orange and blue ever traditionally go together, yet as I was finishing up my decor set-up today, it dawned on me where I had seen this before – MY HIGH SCHOOL COLOURS! Almost 20 years ago, I was decked out head to toe in blue and orange, cheering on our football team from the sidelines! So I guess, as much as I wanted to swear off orange, a love for it has clearly always been lurking deep down inside of me!

    ANYWAYS, now that story time is over, it’s time to share with you my Fall home decor tour. While I’m not one to typically go overboard with seasonal decor, apart from Christmas, Fall is my favourite season and so I decided to really embrace it this year. We are only one year into living in our new-to-us home and still have TONS of renovations to do, so I will admit, I did find it challenging to be inspired in my home as I still feel we have so much left to do. 

    But I wanted to challenge myself to really embrace the spaces that I have and also show you guys how you can work with any space, even if you don’t love the colours (ahem, that’s the last picture you’ll see of our stairwell/front entry looking like that!). So let me show you around!

    Front Office Nook:

    We use the front room of our home (traditionally supposed to be a formal living room) as our home office. We haven’t set up anything in this space yet other than these two (old) black leather chairs and our desks from which we work. I decided to just make a few simple changes to add some Fall flare (also you won’t see orange in this space because it’s all pinks and blues in my office, so I kept it in that same vein).

    Don’t ever be afraid to decorate with non-traditional decor, aka, Hunter boots! If there is a piece of clothing, accessory or anything else for that matter that you think will work with the vignette you’re creating, GO FOR IT!


    Front Entry/Stairwell:

    This is the area that is up for a renovation like TOMORROW (for real, we are starting to work on it this week) so it won’t look like this for much longer. But we still wanted to add in a few Fall items that greets us when we first walk into our space to make it feel warm and cozy!


    Powder Room:

    I had a few extra pastel Fall decor from last year that I thought would look nice in our newly renovated powder room. Seasonal decorating doesn’t have to be huge, it can be done with subtle changes that convey what time of year it is. Just a couple of pumpkins, some white fresh flowers and a delicious smelling pumpkin spice soap!


    Kitchen Table:

    I’ll be sharing a proper Fall tablescape, but today I wanted to set up a Fall centerpiece with a little sweet treat to serve to guests. I absolutely love the layered look using the classic white and blue chinoiserie, vintage brass candle holders and vases and fresh florals!

    Family Room:

    Last but certainly not least, le pièce-du-résistance, our family room! This has become my absolute favourite room in our home and setting it up today with all the orange and blue elements just took it to the next level for me! I absolutely LOVE how this all came together. I won’t lie, it was challenging for me. I felt I had a little of random little pieces and wasn’t sure how it was all going to work together.

    This room has always had a very gathered feel to me – it doesn’t have one specific decor style – I like to think of it as a bit home decor-rebellious! So even today as I struggled to find something that pulled it all together, I quickly ran to HomeSense and found this gorgeous candy-corn looking macrame and knew I needed to have it in the space. While in most normal settings classic French and bohemian chic decor don’t typically mix, I said “who cares!” Because I LOVE it! 

    And that is my final home decor tip today – figuring out your decorating style is important and can help create a beautiful and cohesive look in your home. But if you find something that is outside of that “theme” don’t let the decor rules hold you back – you do you girl!

    Well there you have it friends, my Fall 2019 blue and orange themed home tour! We have so much content coming your way on our various channels, so if you aren’t following along yet on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube, make sure you are subscribe to all of them so you don’t miss a thing!

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