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    Reinventing Date Night At Home

    Life is busy. CRAZY busy, actually. And it seems like it’s just getting busier and busier, as the years go by. Meetings, sporting events, parent-teacher conferences, family birthdays, etc. The list seems to never end.

    And it can be so easy to get caught up in all the hustle and bustle and forget to nurture certain relationships, especially when it comes to our spouses/partners. 

    This relationship is usually one that feels very safe and comfortable and because you are together every day, it’s not always on the forefront of our minds to really invest into that relationship. 


    But just being in the same room, with a million other distractions doesn’t mean you are investing into the relationship. It means you are co-habitating. And that can really start to pose a problem in that very sacred relationship, which is why it’s SO important to continue to date your spouse, even after marriage. 

    When you have a super busy life and not always the means to go out on actual date with your spouse, it can be an easy excuse to just NOT do fun things together. But I’m here today to share with you FIVE new, fun and creative date night tips that you can do anytime, from the comfort of your own home! Put the kids to bed, crack open a bottle of wine (or two) and let date night begin!


    Five Unique Date Night Ideas for a Night at Home

    1. Bring in a Personal Chef
    One of the big draws of going OUT is to not have to cook for yourself and enjoy really great food. While cooking a meal with your partner might be a fun idea, it also might cause more stress and definitely more work. Why not hire in a personal chef for the night to cook you guys an amazing meal?! You could even ask them for some cooking tips and specific wine pairings. Bring the fine dining INTO your home! 


    2. Set Up a Photo Booth 
    Couples don’t often have enough pictures taken together, especially once they have kids. Photo booths are all the rage at just about any party you will attend. So why not set up a photo booth at home, with your partner! Hang a sheet as the backdrop, gather any kind of costume items or props…including making your own moustaches, etc, set your camera up on a tripod and snap away! A fun activity to do together and then a great memory to have for the future!

    photobooth-date-night photobooth-date-night

    3. Pants off, Dance off
    Who doesn’t love a great dance party?! Turn up the tunes and have a dance off with your partner. If you want to add a fun and intimate twist, take the pants off! You can have fun together while stirring up some sparks! 

    If neither of you are good at dancing, why not find some “How to dance” tutorials online and learn how to dance together. 


    4. Wine & Paint Night
    Wine and paint nights, traditionally for a girls night out, are all the rage right now. Why not bring this idea into your home for date night with your spouse? Grab some wine and a few canvases from the store and create beautiful art together that you can then hang in your home! It can be anything from a monogram, to a beautiful picture you’ve seen or even abstract! Have fun together and then hang it in your home for years to come!


    Some of our favorite wines right now are Inniskillin’s Pinot Noir and Late Autumn Riesling. My hubby always favors red wine and their Pinot Noir is robust with aroma’s of ripe plum and cherries. I’ve always fancied white wine and let me tell you how deliciously sweet and smooth this Late Autumn Riesling is on the palate with its tropical fruit blend mixed with apples and peaches! Yum!


    5. Under the Stars
    Before it gets too cold to be outside, go into your backyard (or porch) with your partner and do some star gazing. If it’s already winter where you live, strike up a bonfire for added warmth. If you have a telescope, bonus! Try and spot the planets! There is something so magical about sitting in the stillness, in the dark, watching the stars with the one you love!


    The ideas are endless on how you can celebrate date night, at home, with your partner. Money, transportation and babysitters don’t need to be excuses when you can do so many amazing things in your kitchen and living room together.

    Especially as the winter is coming, why not grab some wine and get creative for your next date night IN!


    Love & Blessings,



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