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    Healthy Unicorn Egg Snack with EGGS2go!

    I don’t know about you, but my kids are snackers. We are talking, non-stop, could-eat-all-day, would-rather-have-a-granola-bar-than-a-sandwich, kind of snackers. I’ve actually had to put the snacks under lock and key before because even when I think I’ve placed the snack box out of reach, my little monkey’s ALWAYS find a way to get them. Now, to be fair, they do come by it honestly. I am a HUGE snacker as well. In fact, I would rather eat smaller, snack-style meals…

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  • Kids Easter Shoot
    Entertaining / Seasonal Parties

    Kids Easter Cookies & Milk Party

    A few weeks ago, one of my dear friends Jessica Glaze and I decided to pull together a kids Easter party, with our five children, as well as some of our favorite brands out there!  With Spring finally here,…

  • DIY Bunny Ears Floral Crown Tutorial
    Decor / DIY / Kids

    DIY Bunny Ears Floral Crown Tutorial

    We have had an incredible winter and it’s going to be a high of 16 degrees here this weekend, which is completely unheard of in Ontario, in March! But that’s ok…I’m going to bask in the glorious sun and…