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    Fruit, Veggie and Cheese Kabobs: The Perfect Kids Snack

    I’ve made mention over the years just how HUNGRY my kids get, especially after school. It’s often as if they haven’t eaten in days when they walk through the front door and they make a b-line directly to the snack cupboard quicker than I can ask how their day was! But I find it’s really important for them to fill themselves up with healthy, nutritious foods that will help hold them over until dinner. Because otherwise, if they eat only…

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    Kids Snacks Made Affordable at FreshCo

    Brought to you by FreshCo and TheCo. If you are a mom with young kids like myself, I’m sure you’ve noticed their ferocious appetites where they can eat just about anything in sight, right?! This isn’t the first time…

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    Elevating Your Afternoon Snack with barkTHINS®

    To know me is to know that I’m a snacker. Pretty much all throughout the day, I would rather be found snacking on smaller things than feasting on three large meals. Especially as a busy mompreneur on-the-go, I find…