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    Saving Money to Make Your Dreams a Reality

    Most of our married life, we’ve lived on a shoestring budget. Chris had a full-time job where he earned an acceptable, yet lower than average salary. I worked part-time and received a very small salary for the first six years of our marriage. When it came to debt, we had a school loan as well as a car payment and after those monthly payments plus our rent, utilities and insurance, there really wasn’t much leftover. While I don’t want to…

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    A Mobile Phone is All You Really Need

    This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Mobile Shop. A common concern from many wanna-be bloggers/vloggers/online content creators when they are first starting out is that they don’t have good enough equipment to start.…

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    Men’s Trends: Graphic Print Swim Shorts

    With the summer weather almost here, it’s time to get your beach and poolside wear sorted out. For us guys, there isn’t as many options as there seem to be for women, making it rather simple.  One of the…