Month: January 2016

Being Content With Rest

It’s no secret that life is moving at crazy speeds and we are all getting busier by the minute. Whether you have kids or not, our schedules seem to be bursting at the seems with all sorts of commitments ranging from events to attend, outings with friends, various appointments and sporting lessons/classes. There is hardly […] Read more…

healthy oatmeal

Quick & Healthy Oatmeal

As I’ve been on my healthy journey for 2016, I’m wanting to share with you various meals and snacks that I am enjoying. Just because I am trying to lose weight, doesn’t mean I have to eat only rabbit food! In fact, if that was the case, I wouldn’t ever lose weight. As someone who […] Read more…

Clean Chicken Chilli

Clean Chicken Chili

On this cold January day, I wanted to share with you one of my favorite and incredibly easy chicken chili recipes! You basically don’t have to do anything, as it cooks in the slow cooker, other than simply assemble the ingredients. And in four hours, it’s done! It’s THAT easy! I do just want to […] Read more…

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