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    Taking Out the Trash: The Stinky Truth About Diapers

    Trash stinks. Bottom line. And toddlers trash really stinks. When you are dealing with diapers, it’s no laughing matter. Having had three kids all go through the diaper stage (and one still currently in it), I can confidently say that diapers are stinky business.  We used to have an old diaper genie back when my first born came along and over time, the kids started shoving anything and everything into the pale and eventually, it broke. And since then, we…

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  • Fashion / Kids / Lifestyle

    Outfit of the Day: Toddler Edition

    As promised from yesterday’s post, I wanted to share with you what my son’s haircut looked like! He was in desperate need of a cut but I was having such a hard time parting ways with his beautiful hair. Some…