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    Garlic & Brown Butter Fish {Sole Meunière}

    Garlic and Brown Butter Fish

    Today I’m sharing with you one of my absolute FAVORITE fish recipes that I’ve ever made. I am so excited for YOU to try this as well because I can almost guarantee, it will become a fast favorite in your family too! This recipe is based on the famous Julia Child’s Sole Meunière. You must be asking yourself what meunière means? Well let me tell you. The word meunière sauce refers to both a sauce and method of preparation, usually…

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    Dinner Series: What’s For Dinner {Part 3}

    Well, we have finally arrived at our 3rd and final installment of our first ever dinner series: What’s For Dinner! I’ve had so much fun sharing this series with you and I’ve loved hearing all the feedback from people…

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    Dinner Series: What’s For Dinner {Part 1}

    I am really excited to share with you all tonights post! Not only is it a super yummy, flavor-packed, healthy dish, but it’s also the first ever recipe series we are going to do! Over the next three weeks,…

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    Basa Curry

    So here is my first main course recipe entry!  Awhile back, I came across a Fish & Veggie Curry recipe online. I spent awhile reading past the actual recipe to the comments from other users (something I’m quickly learning…