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    How to Brine and Cook a Turkey

    As you know, Fall is my favorite season of life! The cool air, the changing leaves and pumpkins galore set my heart on fire. But what also gets me going about this time of year is all the incredible…

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    Teaching Your Kids the Facts about Food Nutrition

    We live in a world that is now bombarded with all kinds of health and nutrition information. “Try this new super food!” “Get slim with this shake!”  “Low carb diet No carb diet! All carb diet!” It can honestly be SO…

  • The Ultimate Homemade Burger
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    The Ultimate Homemade Burger

    I’ve mentioned it many times before that my husband and I are major foodies. Like some people enjoy various hobbies, such as scrapbooking, video games, and playing an instrument, for us, food is viewed much in the same way.…

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    Macaron vs Macaroon

    I have a confession to make: I have never had a macaron…until this past Sunday! I FINALLY was able to try one these incredibly delicate yet amazingly rich French pastries and my life has been changed! I have seen…